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Reindeer Games Come to a Close

Welcome back! Today, we finish the games with our closing ceremonies. Hopefully, the games have been fun and entertaining for all....

Reindeer Go for Final Gold Medal

Today, the reindeer compete in the final day of the competition, and its been a very good Reindeer Games so far. The reindeer have tried hard, and the effort should prepare them for the big ride on Christmas Eve....

Snowboarding Event Begins

Welcome back to the Reindeer Games! Today, we begin our eighth and final event, the snowboarding competition....


Phew! What a week its been......

Reindeer Compete for Seventh Gold

Welcome back to the 2015 Reindeer Games! Today, we finish the Obstacle Course event and award the seventh gold medal of the games. Yesterday, the Obstacle Course made its way back from Paris, and all eight reindeer still have a...

Obstacle Course Takes on Paris

Today, we have the second day of the Obstacle Course, our seventh event of the games....

Obstacle Course Event Underway

After some disagreement over the design of the Obstacle Course, a compromise has been reached between Manny Elf, the head of Reindeer Games event construction, and Mendy, the head of the Official Elves....